Ole Høgh Jensen

BRICS, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University

Time: Thursday, February 27, 14.30-15.30
Place: C3-204

Bigraphs and pi-calculus

This talk will give a brief introduction to Milner's bigraphs and show an application of them to a simple version of pi-calculus. Bigraphs are a graphical structure intended to model systems where both locality and connectivity are prominent. Bigraphical reactive systems (BRSs) specify the behaviours of such systems. BRSs represent a wide variety of calculi for mobility, including pi-calculus and ambient calculus. We present a method to derive uniformly, for a wide class of BRSs, a labelled transition system whose associated bisimilarity is a congruence. We apply this general construction to a simple, asynchronous pi-calculus and compare the resulting LTS and bisimilarity with the standard.