Andrzej Wasowski

Department of Innovation, IT University of Copenhagen (CISS visitor in fall 2003)
Joint work with Kim G. Larsen and Ulrik Larsen of Aalborg University

Time: Thrusday 11.12.2003, 14:30
Place: Room C3-204, Fr. Bajersvej 7

Generic Descriptions of Environments for Reactive Systems

Embedded devices are often operated in environments with serious behavioral limitations. Those limitations encompass inabilities to produce inputs or to distinguish outputs in some of the environment's states. Nevertheless many popular modeling languages (including statecharts) do not offer clear ways of modeling environments. Moreover traditional process algebras tend to focus on similarity of states, enforcing equality as the only equivalence on actions.

We present a process algebra suitable for defining restricted environments, which is centered around concepts of relativized simulation and observational equivalences of outputs. We show how this algebra can be used to define semantics of a specification language for environments. We will motivate our work with a handful of applications such as management of product line architectures, specialized code generation, test case generation, model-checking and monitored execution.